Saturday, June 27, 2009

History Of Cupcakes

It has been debated since when the cupcake existed. Some say in France, some say in UK.
History has known that cupcakes or "fairy cakes" was started on 19th century where these small cakes were baked in a pottery cups, ramekins or molds and their names from these cups.

It also was named "cupcake" because the measurement of the ingredients using measuring cups.
For example,"2 cups of flour, 1 cup of sugar...and so on".

Nowadays, cupcakes has become a choice for birthday celebration,gathering even corporate gift.
People now appreciate the creativity that expanded on these beautiful & cute cuppies. Sometimes they find it hard to eat as they all are so lovely!

Cupcakes can be baked in many shape & sizes, can be decorate with all most anything that is cute and edible. The common decoration is candy sprinkles. But the main star is the icing or topping commonly known as the buttercream.

In these days, cupcakes can be icing with ganache, fudge, sugarpaste, fondant & anything that is sweet and dandy!

Cupcake has become the fashionable gifts for all and having cupcakes will create a smile on a dull day! Guys will become boys when they eat them. Girls will become happier when have them!

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