Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy birthday :)


9 mei.. :)

happy birthday my eldest brother... ijam :) u're 31 now.. keep be a good man,good son to our parent and your mother in law, good husband to you wife , good daddy to your childrens..and i know u're good brother to me and others :') most important! keep be good servant to Allah s.w.t ..

my brother with his family :D
dua keta itu bukan kereta beliau.. saya terlalu excited nak amik gambar board belakang tuh.. haha

andd...happy birthday to hamzi too..kawan melaka ku :D .. dont know what to say.. you, be glad with your life rite now :D.. you know what i mean right? okay- smile !

there's hamzi...and me :)
once upon a time.. haha